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Helen Spencer Wilson

Helen Spencer Wilson Was born on July 8, 1905 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Helen Spencer Wilson's father was Robert H. Wilson, and her mother was Orpha May Spencer.

Helen Spencer Wilson Married Carl Leroy Barnum Sr.,  Ernest Clement McCoy, and Louis Carson.

Helen Spencer Wilson and Carl Leroy Barnum Sr. had one child.
1. Carl (Sonny) Leroy Barnum

Helen Spencer Wilson and Ernest Clement McCoy had two children
1. Ernest Pleasant McCoy
2. Oprha May McCoy 

Helen was born in 1905, Republican Theodore Roosevelt was president, and Charles Fairbanks was Vice President. 

In  1910 according to the federal census at 4-5 years old the family had moved to Redondo Beach, Ca. Helen was living with her father Robert H. Wilson 42, mother Orpha May 32, sister Roberta 3, and brother Robert 17months  ** her brother Robert died at the age of 3, from a tricycle accident on the street they lived on.

In 1920 Helen was 14 and living in Redondo Beach with her father Robert H 51, Mother Orpha May 42, sister Roberta 12, sister Alta 9, brother James 7, brother Willis and sister Winifred (twins)5, and brother John 4.

Helen and Carl Barnum marry about 1926 according to the 1930 Federal Census.

In 1930 Helen was 24, and living with her husband Carl aged 24 and son Carl aged aged 2.  They lived at 203 30th Street, in a house they were renting. Carl was a truck driver for a refinery, and Helen stayed home with their son Carl.  

According to the Anniversary Directory of the Redondo Congregational Church in 1932 Helen Barnum was living in the 1000 Block W. 95th St. in Los Angeles

Here is a photo of the Marriage Certificate for Ernest C. McCoy as Helen S. Barnum.  They Married in Yuma Arizona on June 13th 1936.  The Marriage license is view-able on Ernest C. McCoy's page

Here is a post card Ernest sent Helen
Aug 2. 1936.  They lived on 8925 Mettler Ave in Los Angeles.

In 1940 Helen was living on Mettler St. in Los Angeles with husband Ernest McCoy 42, Son Carl Barnum 12, son Ernest McCoy 2, and daughter Orpha May McCoy 6 months old.  According to this federal census Helen completed 3 years of high school.  Her daughter verified this, saying that her mother didn't complete school, after getting angry at a Home Ec teacher.

I found a letter Helen had written to her brother Willis Wilson. It was post marked June 11, 1942.  it is an interesting letter.  It was returned unopened after they learned of Willis's death in Africa.  Helen was living with Ernest her second husband, and their three kids on a farm that some people of Japanese decent had been removed from, and who were sent to an internment camp.  I have no idea, if they purchased the land, or if they were renting / etc. from the Farm Security dministration. Click Here for the transcription, and photos of the letter.

The photo on the right is a discharge card from the Daughters of the Union Veterans of the Civil War. 
I created a Transcription page Here.

Helen's husband Ernest McCoy died May 8, 1954

Helen married third husband Goerge Carson on July 9, 1956.

Here is a couple letters she wrote in 1972.
Here is a letter written in 1973

Helen Died on December 9, 1999.  She is Interred at Pacific Crest Cemetery in Redondo Beach.

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