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Robert H. Wilson

Robert H. Wilson  

Robert was born April 08, 1868 in East Albany, New York.

Robert's parents were John Wilson, and his mother Was Nancy McCulla.  

Robert H. Wilson Married Orpha May Spencer on October 30, 1904 in Illinois.  

They had 8 children
1. Helen Spencer Wilson: July 8 1905 - December 9 1999 
2. Roberta Chestina Wilson: April 9 1907 - May 1985
3. Robert Halestein Wilson: March 1909 - 1912
4. Alta Elizabeth Wilson: October 15 1910 - 1958
5. James Howard Wilson: 1912 - 1958
6. Willis Hembree Wilson: August 14 1914 - Feb 26 - May 10 1942
7. Winiford May Wilson: August 14 1914 - August 24 1995
8. John Perry Wilson: November 19, 1915 - February 27 1998

Robert H. Wilson is one of the men on this old firetruck. 

 In 1870 Robert was 2 years old, and was living with his father John 50 years old, mother Nancy 40 years old, brother James 12 years old, sister Eliza 10 years old, sister Annie 9 years old, and sister Nana 7 years old.  They were living in Greenbush, and there is not an occupation listed for his father at this time, but both of Robert's parent were born in Ireland.

In 1880 Robert was 12 years old and living with his father John 50, mother Nancy 40, daughter Nancy (aka nana) 18, Maria 16, and sister Mary Jane 9.  At this time John was working as a laborer, his mother was keeping house, both daughter were working in the textile industry with wool, and Robert aged 12 at this time was working in a Butt Factory.  They lived on Athol St. in West Troy, Albany, New York.
Robert married, and had a wife, then married Orpha May while he was still married to his first wife, because he heard Orpha was going to be engaged to a doctor and did not want to lose her.  He did not tell Orpha that he was already married until after he married her.  The image is a letter he wrote to her mother asking for forgiveness.  The link to the letter has a full transcript I prepared if you would like to read it.

In 1910 Robert was living with his Wife Orpha May Spencer in Redondo Beach California at 214 S. Helberta.  At this time he was an electrician, and they were living with daughter Helen 4, daughter Roberta 3, and baby Robert H.. Norman Spencer 64 Robert's father in law also lived with them.

In 1920 Robert 51 and Orpha 42 were still living in Redondo with their children Helen 14, Roberta 12, Alta 9, James 7, Willis 5, Winifred 5, John 4.  Robert's son Robert (from the 1910 census) died at the age of 3 from internal bleeding caused by a accident while learning to ride a tricycle.

In 1930 Robert 61 and Orpha 52 were still living in Redondo Beach with their daughter Alta 19, son Willis 15, daughter Winifred 15, and John 14.  Robert was working as an electrician for the Railroad Co. 

In 1940 Robert 73 and Orpha May 62 were living in Redondo with son Willis 25, daughter Roberta Ferguson 33 divorced, grandson Robert 14, granddaughter Nadine 9, and granddaughter Jacalyn 7.

Robert died June 3rd 1947, at his home in the kitchen after getting home from work.  The physician said it was Left Ventricular Failure, due to Myocardial Hypertrophy and degeneration for 15 years and early rheumatic fever 40 years.  He was 80 years old.  He is buried at Pacific Crest Cemetery Redondo Beach.  The death certificate states that his usual occupation was a mechanic for the railway.


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